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The statement herein constitutes the terms and conditions of viewing the content and using the services of SelectOnlineJobs.com. By viewing this section, you explicitly agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth, and to accept the rules of operation of this website. If you do not agree with any or all of the terms and conditions herein, or the privacy policy statement of SelectOnlineJobs.com, please, do not use this website and its services. SelectOnlineJobs.com reserves its right to modify its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The viewers and users of this website are solely responsible for keeping themselves informed of any changes in the terms and conditions of service at SelectOnlineJobs.com.
SelectOnlineJobs.com is an online job database that allows job seekers and employers to engage in networking with the purpose of matching employment opportunities with the available human resources. SelectOnlineJobs.com is created with the good-faith intention to facilitate the job seekers’ search and employers’ recruitment processes for a number of online jobs, including, but not limited to completing paid surveys, doing mystery shopping, and freelancing. SelectOnlineJobs.com allows job seekers’ resumes to be posted online for reference by employers who are searching for particular job candidates. The terms “User” and “You” used herein indicate all individuals and/or entities that view and use this website for any reason. Please, revisit this terms and conditions section regularly for any updates and changes.

Terms of Membership

If you are under 18 years of age, you are forbidden by law to visit, use or interact with SelectOnlineJobs.com and its contents. It is a liability of parents and legal guardians to monitor and prevent any activities that minors may try to undertake on our website. By visiting SelectOnlineJobs.com, you also warrant to SelectOnlineJobs.com that you will use this website only in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws and regulations.
Users must provide a valid e-mail address upon registration in order to activate their accounts. SelectOnlineJobs.com requires that users provide accurate information when they create their users’ profiles, save their online resumes, and enter personal information at registration or at any time during their membership when additional information is requested.
Users must comply with all laws, regulations and rules that apply to the members of SelectOnlineJobs.com. Participation is granted only on the provision that users abide by all such laws, regulations and rules. SelectOnlineJobs.com reserves its right to limit, alter or cancel membership without liability to the user or third parties whenever the user has violated any of the laws and regulations or has not acted in good faith to respect the laws, rules and regulations, and the interests of SelectOnlineJobs.com.

Use of Personal Information

SelectOnlineJobs.com does not rent or sell your private information. By viewing these terms and conditions, you agree that SelectOnlineJobs.com may disclose the information you provided at registration or thereafter to third parties for aggregate analysis, or for uses that SelectOnlineJobs.com renders appropriate in order to service your user preferences. SelectOnlineJobs.com will not disclose your personal information, such as your name, address, email address and telephone number to third parties, unless you have granted your permission or such disclosure is deemed essential to aid in legal investigation, оr except for the cases specified therein and in the privacy policy of SelectOnlineJobs.com.
SelectOnlineJobs.com reserves the right to offer you any third-party products or services, by inference of the user preferences and/or on the basis of the personal details you entered upon registration at SelectOnlineJobs.com and thereafter. Such offers may be issued by SelectOnlineJobs.com or by a third party. SelectOnlineJobs.com does not make any warranty of the qualities and nature of the products and services, advertised and provided by third parties on SelectOnlineJobs.com, or purchased through the website of SelectOnlineJobs.com. Please, view our Privacy Policy for more details on the use of private information.
“User content” refers to all perceivable materials posted and/or published in any public or non-public section of SelectOnlineJobs.com by any user and including, without limitations, online resumes, user comments, job applications, job invitations, administrative communication, email exchange with SelectOnlineJobs.com, communication with employers or employees through this website; message boards, forums, chat rooms, etc. By viewing these terms and conditions, you explicitly grant SelectOnlineJobs.com and its affiliates the right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivatives from, distribute, communicate, perform and display any user content, in part or in whole, as well as incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed, for the full term of any rights that may exist in such content. You also provide warranty and guarantee that the holder of any rights, including the moral rights to user content, has completely and effectively waived all such rights, and has irrevocably transferred to you the right to license the uses and grant the warranties mentioned above to SelectOnlineJobs.com and its affiliates.
SelectOnlineJobs.com does not bear responsibility for monitoring or screening user content. However, SelectOnlineJobs.com reserves the rights to view, delete, and cancel user content and/or terminate user account at its sole discretion, without prior notice, when user content is deemed unlawful, discriminatory, abusive, and offensive, or in any way contradicts and breaches the terms and conditions set forth therein, the applicable law, rules or regulations.
When user terminates the user account at SelectOnlineJobs.com, all information, including, but not limited to, resumes, user profiles, saved jobs, cover letters, job applications, job invitations, will be irreversibly removed from the database of SelectOnlineJobs.com.

Intellectual Property Rights

SelectOnlineJobs.com holds the property rights over this website and its contents. Any textual or visual material displayed on this website is presumably copyrighted and subject to intellectual property rights laws. Users, visitors, and affiliates are forbidden to reproduce information contained on this website for commercial and public purposes, unless SelectOnlineJobs.com has granted them an express written permission. No user has the right to reproduce, broadcast, quote, copy, print, sell, publish, and distribute through spamming messages, any textual, visual or audio content of SelectOnlineJobs.com website and communication in part or in full. SelectOnlineJobs.com forbids the use of its databases, invisible and linked pages, source codes, logos and copy. Any failure to abide by the intellectual property rights laws or the terms and conditions herein will serve as grounds for legal suite and penalties.
SelectOnlineJobs.com forbids the placement of hyperlinks of this website at any other personal website for any reason; forbids the use and placement of any content from this website (including, but not limited to branded and copyrighted materials, logos and trademarks) on another website for any reason, without explicit written authorization by SelectOnlineJobs.com. SelectOnlineJobs.com does not tolerate dissemination of the URL of this website that constitutes spamming. Users are prohibited from framing this website and from attempting to violate the security of this website in any manner, including attempting to log into a server or account that this user is not authorized to access and view; attempting to tamper with or breach the security or authentication measures of this website by means that include, but are not limited to, submitting a virus to SelectOnlineJobs.com, spamming, flooding, “mailbombing”, crashing, etc. Any attempt to breach these terms and conditions will result in legal prosecution and penalties.
Visitors, viewers, users, members, subscribers, affiliates and customers of SelectOnlineJobs.com agree to compensate SelectOnlineJobs.com with liquidated damages in the amount of US $100,000 in addition to covering any other costs and actual damages that evolve from breeching any legal provisions and the conditions set in these terms of use. Viewing the content of these terms and conditions constitutes acceptance.

Specific Provisions of Use

SelectOnlineJobs.com permits job posting, resume posting and database search for the purposes of job seekers finding employment, and employers finding employees. The information and services at SelectOnlineJobs.com must be used for lawful purposes only by individuals or entities for the intended uses of this website, stated herein.
SelectOnlineJobs.com explicitly and specifically forbids any of the following uses of the information and services on this website:
1. Posting and advertising jobs of competitors of SelectOnlineJobs.com on this site, or posting any content that links or relates to competitors of SelectOnlineJobs.com.
2. Posting jobs or any content on SelectOnlineJobs.com, that contains hyperlinks, irrelevant and/or “hidden” keywords and phrases, and/or misleading content;
3. Posting and saving information in our resource database (including, but not limited to, the information in online resume, subscription information, user profile information, job posting, job title and description) that is incomplete, false, inaccurate and/or misleading biographical information or information which is not your own.
4. Using the contents and services of SelectOnlineJobs.com for any purpose other than job seekers finding employment and employers finding employees. Using the information on this website and the online database of SelectOnlineJobs.com for commercial purposes, to promote and sell products is also strictly forbidden.
5. Posting any pyramid schemes or business arrangements that require upfront investment; any job opportunity that pays commissions only (unless explicitly specified in the job description); any job offering or business proposal that requires recruiting and/or contracting sub-distributors or sub-agents;
6. Sending unsolicited email, making unsolicited calls and initiating any form of unsolicited communication with users, members, affiliates of SelectOnlinejobs.com and/or any other third-party to promote and/or advertise products or services.
7. Attempting to delete, modify, and tamper with any material, posted by any other person or entity; attempting to use or using any, without limitation, engine, software, tool, agent, robot, etc., to navigate, search or extract information from SelectOnlineJobs.com in any other way than the legitimate search engine and other search methods that SelectOnlineJobs.com provides.
8. Attempting to tamper with the software that comprises in part or in whole SelectOnlineJobs.com, and/or reproducing, duplicating, plagiarizing, aggregating, without limitation, any of the website content of SelectOnlineJobs.com.


SelectOnlineJobs.com does not assume responsibility if your computer or software, or the computer and software of a third party you communicate with, is harmed from viewing and/or interacting with this website or its contents, including banners, pop-ups, links, etc. Users, members and visitors assume all risk of corrupt code, viruses, worms and other potential causes of harm to computers and software that may adversely affect computers or software through interaction with or downloads from this website. SelectOnlineJobs.com makes no warranty that the content of this site are free of corrupting factors.


SelectOnlineJobs.com shall not be liable for any losses and/or damages – direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential, that evolve from the use or the inability to use the services offered at this website. Users, affiliates or customers forever waive their right to claim damages that have been perceivably caused by viewing and/or interacting with this website. SelectOnlineJobs.com is not responsible for user reliance on any content on this website or use of information that is posted by SelectOnlineJobs.com or any of its advertisers.
SelectOnlineJobs.com is not liable for changes that may occur in job offer status due to the discontinuation of any advertisement or offer that a user has opted to complete. SelectOnlineJobs.com is not responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of any information that is provided by our advertisers, or for any infringement on property rights, crime or fraud evolving from any materials provided by our advertisers that we have included in this website in good faith. Members or viewers of SelectOnlineJobs.com shall use any information on SelectOnlineJobs.com at their own risk.


Users of this website expressly agree to reimburse SelectOnlineJobs.com for any and all damages that they cause and SelectOnlineJobs.com is required to pay for.


Users and members of SelectOnlineJobs.com expressly agree to use binding arbitration for any claim, dispute or controversy (in contract or tort law) that may arise from the participation or the inability to participate in the service program of this website. Users agree that this condition of binding arbitration is a prerequisite for viewing and interacting with this website.
Any claim, dispute or controversy that arise from the interpretation, termination, or breach of the terms herein shall be settled by binding arbitration in Chicago, Illinois, under the rules of the American Arbitration Association.
Users have no right, under no circumstances, to go to court or have a jury trial. Users will not have the right to engage in pre-trial discovery except as provided in the rules. Users waive their right to participate as representatives or members of any class of claimants whenever any claim is subject to arbitration. The arbitration decision will be final and binding with limited rights of appeal.
The prevailing party shall be reimbursed for any and all arbitration costs, attorney fees, collection and investigation fees, as well as travel expenses, by the other party.


Users agree that the applicable law shall, in all cases, be that of the State of Illinois. The sole and proper jurisdiction for any legal dispute, pre- or post-arbitration, shall be that of the city and state of SelectOnlineJobs.com, in that case Chicago, Illinois, unless otherwise specified in this Agreement. In the event of federal litigation, the proper court shall be the closest federal court to the address of SelectOnlineJobs.com.
If, in arbitration, any of the terms of this Agreement are found to contradict the law, then these terms will be interpreted as closely as possible, to truthfully reflect the intentions of the parties, while the other terms apply in full force and effect.


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