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I was trying to find a part-time job as a receptionist to make ends meet in our family budget. Then I found SelectOnlineJobs.com and decided to try paid surveys and data entry. Working on the computer was easier than I thought. My computer skills were really minimal but surprisingly more than enough for the job.  I work only a few hours a day but earn almost as much as my husband who is still working full-time. But the best part is that I can now stay at home all the time and look after my two kids. Did I mention the savings from the babysitter?? Thanks a lot guys! Keep up the good job(s)!
Mary O’Conner, Detroit, MI
I have my full-time job but I wanted to make more money. Initially I was somewhat reserved about the opportunity to get paid for doing work online, but since it was all free, I decided to give it a try and registered to take surveys with 3 of the survey companies. Getting paid for your opinion really works. After taking a few of the free online surveys I got checks totaling more than $100 dollars. Wow! And that was only for a couple hours “work”.  I quickly went back to your website and signed up with pretty much all survey companies listed there.  Can you please let me know when new ones start recruiting? Thanks much!
Lindsay Farrow, Appleton, WI
I can’t believe your site is free. Why are some other online job sites trying to charge for membership? I don’t know if the others are trying to scam me, but there is no need to really pay to for their jobs database if you can get so many work at home job listings for free. Thanks for keeping your site free.
Gregory Sherman, Atlanta, Georgia
My friend told me that she’s been happily doing paid surveys through your site and making good extra income.  I also signed up to answer surveys, but I think mystery shopping is a lot better. Being a mystery shopper is a dream come true. That’s the best job ever! I never imagined you can shop for free and get paid for doing it. Too bad I didn’t hear about it earlier. I think I’ll quit my other job and start doing it full-time. I can really use all the free stuff and extra money.
Alicia Morgan, Los Angeles, CA
Thanks for getting me in touch with my current employer. I am a call center rep with 5 years of experience. After my old company outsourced all call center jobs to India, I found myself looking for a job with no one hiring in Columbus. I posted my resume on SelectOnlineJobs.com and was so glad when only after less than a week I was contacted by three different employers – two from the US and one from Canada. I agreed to start working on contract-to-hire basis for a company based in New York that was building a virtual call center operation. After a couple of months on the job, they offered me a full-time position. I will be working from home all the time.  That worked out great because I’m newly married and my wife is expecting.
Stanley White, Columbus, OH

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