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Freelance jobs online are much like other telecommuter jobs. Freelance workers are usually self-employed, or contracted by an employer to complete a particular project. The most popular freelance jobs are in the fields of writing, editing, and translation; web design and graphic design; photography, software development, and data processing. The pay rates for freelance workers vary considerably on the basis of the skills, experience, and expedience required to complete a particular freelance assignment.
Freelancers on High Demand
Today, with the expansion of the Internet and the high-speed connection, the demand for online freelancers has skyrocketed. Payment rates have also increased, and many writing and programming experts have given up their full-time career to become online freelancers. Especially for small businesses, hiring freelancers has become a very viable alternative to “outsourcing”, “off-shoring” and “home-shoring”, popular with large and mid-size businesses.
Nevertheless, it takes certain efforts to find high-pay freelance work online, in the newspapers, or through professional networking. Payment for freelance jobs is mainly related to completing the work fast and professionally. That is why freelancing is extremely profitable for professionals in copywriting, software development or web design, who have gained competitive advantage in completing freelance projects with speed and quality.
The Advantages of Freelance Jobs
The advantages of online freelance jobs are huge – freelancers are flexible; self-set their work schedule; work anytime of the day; work from home or elsewhere, and can take as many freelance projects as they choose. Online freelancing allows for greater mobility, and also cuts down certain commuter expenses. On the other hand, freelancers may also need to cover their own insurance payments and give up some benefits that employers usually provide.
Full-time or part-time freelancing?
Full-time freelance jobs offer freelancers the opportunity to work full-time on long-term projects. As many full-time freelance jobs require that the freelance contractors dedicate their full-time efforts on a single project, it may be impossible to take on other assignments for the duration of the particular freelance job. Full-time freelance projects may be very well-paid, but usually restrict freelancers to one major project.
Part-time freelance jobs are much more flexible, whether it’s a one-time or an ongoing project. Even though part-time jobs are usually limited in scope and budget, they allow freelancers to diversify their work. With part-time freelancing, they are able to complete more smaller-scale projects for shorter time spans; work more flexible hours, and, yet, have a stable income source.
Why businesses hire freelancers
The benefits to businesses and organizations hiring freelancers are immense. Freelancing allows companies to best match their project requirements with the skills of particular professionals. Freelance jobs eliminate the time and expenses associated with training in-house experts, especially when the required skills vary from project to project. Besides, freelance jobs free employers from the responsibility to pay for full-time employment which also includes paying benefits, health insurance, vacation pay, and sick leave. By contracting an online freelance expert, businesses also find a lower-cost solution to the traditional consulting companies and recruiting agencies that charge higher fees. Hiring freelancers for smaller-scale projects is the most cost-efficient solution for many companies. There are also some online freelance companies that provide paid project management (PM) services to organizations that lack in-house PM capabilities.
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